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Cisco 4th Semester
Semester 4 Syllabus, Assignments and Labs

CET 2620

Cisco Networking Project Based Learning

Cisco Semester 4

Link to Weekly Class Assignments

Fall 2008
Mon & Wed
7:00pm - 9:45pm

Instructor: Ed Sloan
E-mail Address: or  or visit instructor website
Office & Phone: Tech-401 - 253-7410
Office Hours: Mon - Thurs 4 - 7pm
Optional: Accessing the WAN CCNA Exploration Companion Guide, Bob Vachon, isbn 1-58713-205-2
Required: Accessing the WAN CCNA Exploration Labs and Study Guide,John Rullan, isbn 1-58713-201-x
Description: This course is designed to prepare a student to apply and understand the advanced principles, applications, and implementation of networking hardware. The course covers advanced network design projects and advanced network management projects. This is the fourth of a four-part series to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate. The course content is on-line and accessible with any web browser. Students are expected to prepare for each class by reading the assigned material from the web site; class time will mostly be spent in review, hands-on labs, and examinations.
The student will demonstrate a knowledge of the following topics through objective tests, hands-on activities, and projects: Differentiate between the following WAN services: LAPB, Frame Relay, ISDN/LAPD, HDLC, PPP, and DDR Recognize key Frame Relay terms and features List commands to configure Frame Relay LMIs, maps, and subinterfaces List commands to monitor Frame Relay operation in the router Identify PPP operations to encapsulate WAN data on Cisco routers State a relevant use and context for ISDN networking Identify ISDN protocols, function groups, reference points, and channels Describe Cisco's implementation of ISDN BRI Describe the advantages of LAN segmentation

Prerequisite: CET 2615 (Cisco Sem. III Cisco Advanced Router Technology).
6 Quizzes
Packet Analyzer
30% *
Final Exam
30% *

* - these must be completed in full to pass the course.
Quizzes - students will take 6 quizzes and will have the choice to miss, drop or skip 1 quiz. No makeups will be given for any reason, so if you miss a quiz it becomes one of your drops, if you take all 8 you can then drop your 1 lowest score. Any exceptions to the above testing policy must be cleared in advance with the Instructor. All exceptions are at the discretion of the Instructor.
This does not apply to the final exam.You can not drop the final !

Additional time outside of class will be required to complete the material. For typical students Cisco Networking Academy recommends an average of between 4 and 8 hours each week outside of class are required for preparation, practice, and projects.

Grading Scale:
A: 90-100
B: 80-89
C: 70-79
D: 60-69
F: 0-59

(Or you can elect to Audit the class during the add/drop period.)
Honesty Policy: You must follow the academic honesty policy for HCC. I take these matters very seriously.
If you are caught cheating - you will get a “0” on that test or project, if you are caught a second time you will receive an “F” for the class and be turned over to the Dean for further handling.
You have been warned!
If you are caught taking or trying to take a test or quiz outside of the classroom you will receive a grade of "0" and you will not be able to drop that as a low grade !!! A second time and you will receive an “F” for the class.
I will follow the HCC Incomplete policy as stated on page 44 of the2000-2001 catalog.
Attendance: Class starts at 7 PM - students are expected to be in class on time, lectures and tests will start at 7 PM . As part of the participation grade students will have 3 “pop” quizzes during the semester. Attendance will be taken in every class at 5 minutes after the start of class, after 4 absents and/or lateness, the student will lose 2 points off the final grade for each occurrence. Any exceptions to the above attendance policy must be cleared in advance with the Instructor. All exceptions are at the discretion of the Instructor.
All computers in the classroom, and in the Open Computer Lab, are connected to the Internet. All of the coursework can be completed on any computer available to the student that supports Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher). There are computers you can use in our library, in the public library, and on the other HCC campuses. Student will need headphones to hear videos in the Cisco Curriculum if you plan to use a HCC computer.
Disabled Students:
Students that require special academic accommodations must submit documentation of their disability and specific needs to a campus Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities.
The curriculum for this class is located online at the Cisco Networking Academy web site, and at HCC's Cisco web site ( Students WILL NOT print any part of the curriculum on any HCC printer for any reason. Cisco does not want the curriculum printed out.
The tests are taken in class - online at the Cisco test site. Tests are NEVER to be printed for any reason. Any printed tests will be considered as cheating and turned over to the Dean.

 Course Schedule CET 2620 - Cisco Semester 4

Oct 13
Class #1

Course Introduction. Cisco Certification overview.
Lecture - Ch 1 "Introduction to WANS

Oct 15
Class #2

Mar 10
Class #4

Lecture - Ch 2 - Point to Point Protocol

Mar 17 & 19
Class #5

Spring Break
Mar 24
Class #6

Lecture - Ch 3 - Frame Relay
Mar 26
Class #7

Mar 31
Class #8

Lecture - Ch 4 - Network Security
Apr 2
Class #9

Apr 7
Class #10

Lecture - Ch 5 - Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Apr 8
Class #11

Apr 14
Class #12

Lecture -Ch 6 - Teleworker Services
Apr 16
Class #13

Apr 21
Class #14

Lecture - Ch 7 - IP Addressing Services
Apr 23
Class #15

Apr 28
Class #16

Lecture Ch 8 - Nework Troubleshooting
Review for Chapter Final
Apr 30
Class #17