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MS - Win2K Active Directory Services
Syllabus and Assignments
CEN1320 - 19562
Instructor:  Ed Sloan
Phone:  253-7410 Office: DTEC 434
Classroom: DTEC 461
Class Times:  Tueday and Thursday 12:30 - 1:45pm
Textbook:  ALS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Services textbook and ALS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Services Lab Manual (Microsoft Press, 2000).

Overview of the Course
This course will introduce you to Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory and prepare you to plan, configure, and administer your Active Directory infrastructure. You will learn how to configure the Domain Name System (DNS) to manage name resolution, schema, and replication. You will also learn how to use Active Directory to centrally manage users, groups, shared folders, and network resources, and to administer the user environment and software with group policy. This course shows you how to implement and troubleshoot security in a directory services infrastructure, and monitor and optimize Active Directory performance. You also learn how to deploy Windows 2000 remotely using Remote Installation Services (RIS).

Prerequisites or Corequisites
You should have the following knowledge and skills prior to starting the course. In some cases it may be possible to acquire this knowledge and these skills through additional study during the course:
Knowledge of the fundamentals of networking technology
Ability to navigate the Windows operating system interface (preferably the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, or Windows 2000 interface)
Experience supporting a network or successful completion of the
ALS: Networking Essentials Plus, Third Edition course
Practical knowledge of accessing and changing the BIOS of a PC
Previous training or knowledge of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT (preferably Windows NT)
Successful completion of the ALS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server course is recommended

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to
Identify Windows 2000 Active Directory in the Windows 2000 architecture.
Identify Active Directory objects, components, and logical and physical structures.
Understand Active Directory concepts, such as the global catalog, replication, trust relationships, and the DNS namespace.
Administer Active Directory using Microsoft Management Consoles and Administrative Tools.
Plan an Active Directory implementation, including the domain structure, domain namespace, OU structures, and site structures.
Install Active Directory and configure DNS for Active Directory.
Identify the different forest-wide and domain-wide operations master roles.
Understand and configure zones, site settings, and inter-site replication.
Monitor and troubleshoot DNS for Active Directory.
Create and administer various types of user accounts and groups accounts.
Administer and manage group policies.
Configure NTFS security and security for shared folders.
Create Dfs roots and links.
Backup, restore, and troubleshoot Active Directory.
Plan, manage, and implement group policy objects (GPOs).
Administer a security configuration, including various audit policies.
Monitor and manage Active Directory performance.
Configure and implement Microsoft Windows 2000 using Remote Installation Services (RIS).

Final grades are determined through a weighted average of midterm and final examinations, labs, written assignments, class participation, and attendance. Your final grade in the course will be based on the following:
Class attendance/participation

Labs completed - Workbook checked

Mit-term Quiz

Final Examination


After your numerical grade has been calculated, your letter grade will be determined as follows:
A 90-100% of the total points possible
B 80-89% of the total points possible
C 70-79% of the total points possible
D 60-69% of the total points possible
F Less than 60% of the total points possible
Academic Dishonesty
It is the policy of HCC and therefore the policy in this class to fail any student or students engaged in any form of cheating and or attempt to hand in work that is not his or her own. Should an incident of this nature occur, the student will be ejected from the class, summarily failed and submitted to HCC administration for disciplinary action.

Disabled Students:
Students that require special academic accommodations must submit documentation of their disability and specific needs to a campus Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabi

Jan 13
Intro to Course, Ch 1 lecture, lessons 1 - 5
Jan 15
Install and Configure Server on workstations
Jan 20
Ch 2 lecture. Finish configuring servers
Jan 22
Labs for Ch 1 and 2
Jan 27
Ch 3 lecture
Jan 29
Labs for Ch 3
Feb 3
Ch 4 lecture
Feb 5
Labs for Ch 4
Feb 10
Ch 5 lecture
Feb 12
Labs for Ch 5
Feb 17
Ch 6 lecture
Feb 19
Labs for Ch 6
Feb 24
Ch 7 lecture
Feb 26
Labs for Ch 7
Mar 2
Ch 8 lecture
Mar 4
Mid Term exam
Mar 9 & 11
No classes - Spring Break
Mar 16
Ch 9 lecture
Mar 18
Labs for Ch 9
Mar 23
Ch 10 lecture
Mar 25
Labs for Ch 10
Mar 30
Ch 11 lecture
Apr 1
Labs for Ch 11
Apr 6
Ch 12 lecture
Apr 8
Labs for Ch 12
Apr 13
Ch 13 lecture
Apr 15
Labs for Ch 13
Apr 20
Ch 14 lecture
Apr 22
Labs for Ch 14
Apr 27
Ch 15 lecture
Apr 29
Labs for Ch 15
May 4
May 6
Review & materials for Microsoft Cert Exam