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MS Windows 2003 Server
CEN 1301- Windows 2003 Server (70-290)
Instructor: Edwin Sloan ,CCNA, CCAI, MCP, MCSA
Contact Information:
Classroom: DTEC 238
Class Times:  Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am - 12:15
Office: Dtech 434
Office Hours: tba
Course/Syllabus available online at: WebCT web site.

Overview of the Course
This Course will teach you the fundamental aspects of Windows 2003 Server management and implementation and cover utilizing this operating system in a stand alone and domain environment.
This course is intended for those who will support or administer Windows 2003-based networks.
Prerequisites or Corequisites
You should have the following knowledge and skills prior to starting the course. In some cases it may be possible to acquire this knowledge and these skills through additional study during the course.
·        Knowledge of the fundamentals of current networking technology is required.
·        Successful completion of the ALS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or XP course is recommended.
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to
·        Manage users and groups
·        Manage security
·        Manage access to files, folders and disk storage
·        Configure various aspects of the Windows 2000 operating system such as protocols and services necessary to support a successful networking environment

Required Texts
Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Managing and Maintaining, Examp 70-290, Prentice Hall Certification Series, Kenneth C. Laudon, ISBN 0-13-144743-2 and accompanying Project Lab Manual ISBN 0-13-144974-5. If purchased at HCC bookstore, also comes bundled with Exam Cram 2 book, and 50% off coupon for Certification Exam worth $65.

Final grades are determined through a weighted average of midterm and final examinations, labs, written assignments, class participation, and attendance. Your final grade in the course will be based on the following:
5 Lesson Quizzes @ 15 points each         total  75 points
 8 labs @ 3 points each                               total 25 points
After your numerical grade has been calculated, your letter grade will be determined as follows:
A     90-100% of the total points possible
B     80-89% of the total points possible
C     70-79% of the total points possible
D     60-69% of the total points possible
F     Less than 60% of the total points possible
Academic Dishonesty
It is the policy of HCC and therefore the policy in this class to fail any student or students engaged in any form of cheating and or attempt to hand in work that is not his or her own. Should an incident of this nature occur, the student will be ejected from the class, summarily failed and submitted to HCC administration for disciplinary action.
Request For Accommodation
If, to participate in this course, you require an accommodation due to a physical disability or learning impairment, you must contact the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities, Dale Mabry Campus, Student Services Building Room 208. Voice Phone: (813) 253-7031, TTD: (813) 253-7035, FAX: (813) 253-7336

Class Schedule
The following is a tentative schedule for the course. The instructor reserves the right to make schedule changes based on the needs of the students in the class.

Topic - Discussion & Lecture
Aug 25
Course Introduction
Lesson 1 - Introducing Windows Server 2003 PPt - 45 slides
Lesson 2  Windows Server 2003 - PPt-65 slides
Aug 30
Lesson 2 Project - Install Server in Class
Sep 1
Lesson 3 Introducing Active Directory-PPt 61 slides
Lesson 3 Project Labs - All
Online Quiz Lessons 1 - 2 - 3 Complete before next class
Sep 6
Lesson 4 - Organizing a Disk for Data Storage PPt 53 slides
Lesson 4 Project Labs - All
Sep 8
Lesson 5 - Working With File Systems
 PPt 43 slides
Lecture 6 - Administering User Accounts PPt 56 Slides
Sep 13
Lesson 5 Project Labs - all
Lesson 6 Project Labs - All
Online Quiz Lessons 4 - 5 - 6
Sep 15
Lesson 7 Introducing Group Accounts half of PPt 91 slides
Project Labs
Sep 20
Lesson 8 Introducing Computer Accounts -
PPt  22 slides
Lesson 8 Project Labs - All
Lesson 9 Installing and Configuring Network Printers PPt 61 slides

Sep 22
 Lesson 9 Lab
Lesson 10 Exploring TCP/IP and DHCP PPts 91 slides
Online Quiz Lessons 7 - 8 - 9
Sep 27
Lesson 11 Introducing WINS, DNS, and RRAS
PPts 58 slides
Lesson 11 Project Labs
Sep 29
Lesson 12 Implementing Security in WS 2003
PPts 131 slides
Lesson 12 Project Labs
Online Quiz Lessons 10 - 11 - 12
Oct 4
Lesson 13 Implementing Data and System Recovery PPts 80 slides
Lesson 13 Project Labs
Oct 6
Lesson 14 Monitoring Server 2003 Performance PPts 69
Online Quiz Lessons 13 - 14 - 15 - 16
Oct 11
Lesson 15 Config. Application Server PPts115
Oct 13
Lesson 16 Examining Software Update Services and License Mgmnt  PPts 16 slides
Oct 18