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MS Windows XP Pro Syllabus & Assignments
Instructor:  Ed Sloan
Phone:  253-7410
Classroom: DTEC 238

Class Times:  Tueday and Thursday 9:30 AM - 10:45

Textbook: Microsoft Windows XP Professional  70-270 (Installing, Configuring, and Administeringn), Prentice Hall Certification Series, Kenneth C. Laudon, ISBN: 0-13-144132-9. Lab Manual - ISBN:  0-13-144450-6. When purchased at the HCC bookstore, these two books come bundled and also include the Exam Cram 2 study guide. This bundle also includes a 50% discount coupon towards the Microsoft certifcation exam for 70-270.

Course Objectives
The goal of the course is to provide the student with an introduction to Windows XP Professional, focusing on some of the main topics that are cofvered in the MCSE/MCSA certification exam.  this couse will cover such topics as installation, file systems, profiles, security, protocols, internetworking, remote access and troubleshooting.

Cell Phones and Beepers
All students are requested to turn off or put cell phones or beepers on vibrate.

50%  Mid-Term and Final Exam
10%  Attendance
20%  Ch. Lab Assignments

WebCT Quizzes and Finals
C The mid-term and final will be on-line and administered on campus. If you have problems using WebCT you need to notify me or ask for assistance from the Computer Lab Assitants or technicians.

Request For Accommodation
     If, to participate in this course, you require an accommodation due to a physical disability or learning impairment, you must contact the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities, Dale Mabry Campus, Student Services Building Room 208.  Voice Phone: (813) 253-7031,  TTD: (813) 253-7035,  FAX: (813) 253-7336.

Course Description
Prerequisites or Corequisites
You should have the following knowledge and skills prior to starting the course. In some cases it may be possible to acquire this knowledge and these skills through additional study during the course.
Knowledge of the fundamentals of networking technology

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able toPrepare for the installation of Windows XP Professional.
Perform an over-the-network or CD-ROM installation, create and use a master disk to install Windows XP Professional, and perform an unattended installation of Windows XP Professional.Identify the various types of Windows XP file systems and their components and perform common disk management tasks. Configure NTFS security and configure security for shared folders.Create and administer various types of local user accounts and local group accounts. Administer local group policies and manage local group policy objects.Implement and administer network printing, manage documents, and administer printers.Identify network protocols and services supported by Windows 2003 Server. Configure TCP/IP, DHCP, WINS, and DNS.Implement, manage, and troubleshoot disk devices, display devices, mobile computer hardware, input devices, and output devices.Manage and troubleshoot driver signing.Configure, manage, and troubleshoot Task Scheduler.Manage and troubleshoot the use and synchronization of offline files.Plan and set up an Audit Policy, including account management auditing and privilege use auditing.Update drivers, monitor and configure multiple processing units, and install, configure, and troubleshoot network adapters.Configure Remote Access including using the Network And Dial-Up Connections to launch the Network Connection wizard and configure inbound dial-up connections and outbound connections.Install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console.Use the File Signature Verification utility to monitor and troubleshoot driver signing.

Daily Assignments are subject to change as progress may vary.

Topic - Discussion & Lecture
Outside of Class Assignments
Aug 26 Th
Course Introduction
Lesson 1 - Introducing Windows XP PPt -26
Web Companion Questions - Lesson 1
Aug 31 Tue
Lesson 2 Installing Windows XP- PPt-65(basic disk)
Web Companion - Lesson 2
Sep 2 Th
Lesson 2 Project - Install XP in Class
Sep 7 Tue
Lesson 3 Managing Hardware Devices -PPt 38
Web Companion - Lesson 3
Sep 9 Th
Lesson 3Project Labs -  3.1,3.2,3.6,3.7
Sep 14 Tue
Lesson 4 -Working with the Control Panel
PPt 33
Web Companion - Lesson 4
Sep 16 Th
Lesson 4 Project Labs - All except 4.5
Sep 21 Tue
Lesson 5 - Managing Data Storage
PPt 35
Web Companion Lesson 5
Sep 23 Th
Lesson 5 Project Labs - all
Sep 28 Tue
Lesson 6 Installing and Configuring Network Protocols  PPt 35
Web Companion Lesson 6
Sep 30 Th
Lesson 6 Project Labs - All
Oct 5 Tue
Lesson 7 Performing Administrative Tasks PPt 26
Web Companion Lesson 7
Oct 7 Th
Lesson 7 Project Labs - All
Oct 12 Tue
Lesson 8 Administering User Accounts & Groups
PPt 54
Web Companion Lesson 8
Oct 14 Th
Lesson 8 Project Labs - All
Oct 19 Tue
Lesson 9 - Working with Shared Folders PPt36
Web Companion Lesson 9
Oct 21 Th
Lesson 9 Project Labs - All
Oct 26 Tue
Lesson 10 Setting Up . . .  Printers  PPts 28
Project Labs - All
Web Companion Lesson 10
Oct 28 Th
Mid Term Exam Lesson 1 - 10

Nov 2 Tue
Lesson 11 Working with NTFS Permissions
PPts 18
Project Labs
Web Companion Lesson 11
Nov 4 Th
Lesson 12 Configuring Local Security Policies PPt 61
Web Companion Lesson 12
Nov 9 Tue
Lesson 12 Project Labs

Nov 11 Th
No Class - Veteran's Day
Nov 16 Tue
Lesson 13Monitoring Events and Resources PPts 38
Web Companion Lesson 13
Nov 18 Th
Lesson 13 Project Labs
Nov 23 Tu
Lesson 14 Backing Up and Restoring Data PPts 33
Labs Time permitting
Web Companion Lesson 14
Nov 25 Th
No Class - Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Tue
Lesson 15 Working with the Registry and Boot Process PPts38
Web Companion Lesson 15
Dec 2 Th
Lesson 16 16 Config. Remote Access and DUN PPt
Web Companion 16
Dec 7 Tue
Lesson 17 DNS, Active Directory Svcs, Web Server Resources  PPts 36
No Project Labs
Dec 9 Th
Final - Lesson 11-17
Last Class Day