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Cisco 2nd Semester

CEN 1610
Cisco Router Technology
Cisco Semester 2
Spring 09 Mon & Wed 7 - 9:45pm

 Instructor: Edwin A. Sloan, Jr.
 E-mail Address:
 Office & Phone: Tech-401 ( 253-7410)
 Office Hours:  By appointment during summer, but in office usually by 4 on class day
Routing Protocols and Concepts: CCNAExploration Companion Guide
Published by: Cisco Press
Binding: Hard Cover
Routing Protocols and Concepts CCNA ExplorationLabs and Study Guide
Published by: Cisco Press
Binding: Paper cover
ISBN: 1-58713-204-4

This course is designed to prepare a student to apply and understand the basics of networking hardware.  The course covers beginning router configurations; routed and routing protocols; and introduction to LAN switching.  This is the second of a four-part series to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate examination. The first part of this course is covered in CGS 1550 (Cisco).

After completing this course, he student will be able to:

Examine router elements (RAM, ROM, CDP, show)
Manage configuration files from the privileged exec mode
Identify the functions performed by ICMP
Control router passwords, identification, and banner
Identify the main Cisco IOS commands for router startup
Check an initial configuration using the setup command
Log in to a router in both user and privileged modes
Use the context-sensitive help facility
Use the command history and editing features
List the commands to load Cisco IOS software from: flash memory, a TFTP server, or ROM
Prepare to backup, upgrade, and load a backup Cisco IOS software image
Identify the parts in specific protocol address examples
List problems that each routing type encounters when dealing with topology changes and describe techniques to reduce the number of these problems
Configure verify IP addresses
Prepare the initial configuration of your router and enable IP
Add the RIP and IGRP routing protocol to your configuration

                  Prerequisite: CGS 1550 Intro to Networking (Cisco).

11 Quizzes
Final Exam
25% *
Final - Hands - on
20% *
Voucher Exam
Not required.
Workbook & Labs
 15% *

Grading Scale:

A: 90-100  
B: 80-89   
C: 70-79
D: 66-69   
F: 0-65

                             (Or you can elect to Audit the class during the add/drop period.)

You must follow the academic honesty policy for HCC.
When class starts at - students are expected to be in class on time.  Attendance will be taken in every class at 5 minutes after the start of class, after 6 absents and/or lateness, the student will lose 2 points off the final grade for each occurrence.
Any exceptions to the above attendance policy must be cleared in advance with the Instructor. All exceptions are at the discretion of the Instructor.

All computers in the classroom, and in the Open Computer Lab, are connected to the Internet. All of the coursework can be completed on any computer available to the student that supports Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher). There are computers you can use in our library, in the public library, and on the other HCC campuses.

Student will need headphones to hear videos in the Cisco Curriculum if you plan to use a HCC computer.  

Disabled Students:
Students that require special academic accommodations must submit documentation of their disability and specific needs to a campus Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities.

CGS 1610 - SPRING 09
Subject to Change as Class Progresses

Class Activity
Other Assignments

Mar 9 - Monday

Ch 1 Introduction to Routing and Packet Forwarding

Mar 11 - Wed

Ch 2  Static Routing

Hands on Router Lab

Packet Tracer

Mar 16 - Mon

Spring Break - No Class

Mar 18 - Wed

Spring Break - No Class

Mar 23 - Mon

Ch 3 Intro to Dynamic Routing Protocols
Router Work

Packet Tracer

Mar 25 - Wed

Ch 4 Distance Vector Routing Protocols
Router Work

Mar 30 - Mon

Ch 5 RIP Version 1
Router Work

Apr 1 - Wed

Ch 6 VLSM and CIDR
Router Work

Apr 6 - Mon

Ch 7 RIP  v2
Router Work

Apr 8 - Wed

Ch 8  Routing Table: A Closer Look
Router Work

Apr 13 - Mon

Router Work

Apr 15 - Wed

Ch 10 Link-State Routing Protocols
Router Work

Apr 20 - Mon

Ch 11 OSPF
Router Work

Apr 22 - Wed

Hands On Router Configuration Test

Apr 27 - Mon

Hands on Router Configuration Test
Final Review

Apr 29 - Wed

Final - In Class