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Cisco 1st Semester
This is the first of four semesters in the HCC Cisco Academy, Cisco Networking Fundamentals.
Syllabus and Assignments
 Instructor:               Edwin A. Sloan, Jr., CCNA. CCAI, MCP, MCSA
 E-mail Address:
 Office & Phone:    DTech-401 -  253-7410
 Office Hours:        Mon - Th 3-5:30pm    Room: DTech 401
 Class Meets Mon & Wed 7pm - 9:45pm

Text: Optional, but recommended:
        Textbook (optional)                     Labs and Study Guide (required)

Network Fundamentals, CCNA Exploration Companion Guide (Hardcover)
by Mark Dye, Rick McDonald, Antoon Rufi; # ISBN-10: 1587132079
# ISBN-13: 978-1587132070 ; Published: Oct 29, 2007; Copyright 2008; Pages: 560; Edition: 1st.

Network Fundamentals, CCNA Exploration Labs and Study Guide (Lab Companion) (Paperback)
by Antoon Rufi, Priscilla Oppenheimer, Belle Woodward, Gerlinde Brady; ISBN-10: 1-58713-203-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-58713-203-2; Ciscopress; Jan 2008
Presents basics of local area networks, with emphasis on use and benefits. This class focuses on Cisco's terms and Cisco's networking principles and will need to be taken even if the student has already taken the regular CGS 1550 Intro to LAN's class. This is the first of a four-part series to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) examination .
This is primarily a lecture class. Some hands-on Labs will be included as time permits

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
Demonstrate a knowledge of  networking terms for LAN's
Understand Cisco's networking terms
Understand the purpose and functions of the OSI Reference Model
Plan and select appropriate media for various situations, including twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic, and wireless
Plan physical topologies, including star, bus, and ring
Plan logical topologies, including bus and ring
Understand and plan protocols for Ethernet and Token Ring networks
Understand and plan connectivity devices, including repeaters, bridges, routers, brouters, and gateways
Understand Issues involving installation and configuration of Network Interface Cards and cable
Identify common errors associated with components required for communications
diagnose common problems with NIC's, cables, and related hardware

Prerequisite: CGS 1100.

11 Module Quizzes
Final Exam
Participation & Labs
Quizzes - students will take 11 quizzes and will have the choice to miss, drop or skip 1 quiz.  Makeup quizzes may be scheduled with PRIOR notice to instructor.
Grading Scale:

A: 90-100  
B: 80-89   
C: 70-79
D: 66-69   
F: 0-65

                            (Or you can elect to Audit the class during the add/drop period.)

 Academic Dishonesty
It is the policy of HCC and therefore the policy in this class to fail any student or students engaged in any form of cheating and or attempt to hand in work that is not his or her own. Should an incident of this nature occur, the student will be ejected from the class, summarily failed and submitted to HCC administration for disciplinary action.

Attendance: - students are expected to be in class on time, lectures
Facilities: All computers in the classroom, and in the Open Computer Lab,
           are connected to the Internet. All of the coursework can be completed on any
                 computer available to the student that supports Internet Explorer 5.0 (or
                 higher). There are computers you can use in our library, in the public library,
                 and on the other HCC campuses.

The Curriculum
The curriculum for this class is located online at the Cisco Website, printing any one chapter could be as many as 100 pages. Students WILL NOT print the curriculum out on any HCC printer for any reason. Cisco does not want the curriculum printed out. Any printing that you want to do will need to be done on your own printer at home or work.

Module Quizzes are taken in class or as directed by instructor - online at the Cisco test site. Tests are NEVER to be printed for any reason. Any printed tests that are found will be turned over to the Dean as cheating.  When taking a test your Cisco login is at the top of each page. DO NOT PRINT OUT ANY TESTS !

Request For Accommodation
If, to participate in this course, you require an accommodation due to a physical disability or learning impairment, you must contact the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities, Dale Mabry Campus, Student Services Building Room 208. Voice Phone: (813) 253-7031, TTD: (813) 253-7035, FAX: (813) 253-7336
Cisco Semester 1 Syllabus and Assignments
 CET 1600 Cisco Networking Fundamentals
Tues & Thursday Evening "8 Week" Schedule
Fall 2008
Subject to change and realignment by Instructor
Chapter and Tests
Labs & Exercises

Jan 7
Class #1

Course Introduction, the Web Site, Hawkmail redirect
ID's & Log on the Network
Cisco Certification Info
Using the 0nline curriculum
Labs & Study Guides

Jan 12
Class #2

Ch 1 Lecture - Living in a Network-Centric World

In Class - Packet Tracer Demo
pg 30 using PT Skills1.pka

Jan 14
Class #3

Review Ch 1
Chapter 2 - Communicating over the Network

In class Packet Tracer
On your before next class SG pg 33 - 38

Jan 19

Dr. M. L. King, Jr Holiday -no class

Jan 21
Class #4

Review Ch 2
Chapter 3 -Application Layer Functionality and Protocols

PT Pg 87
On your own before next class SG 63 - 68

Jan 26
Class #5

Review Ch 3
Chapter 4 - OSI Transport Layer

PT PT4.6.1.3 Pg 122
On your own before next class SG 91 - 94

Jan 28
Class #6

Review Ch 4
Ch 5 Lecture - OSI Network Layer

PT Pg 137 Pg 148 Pg 148
SG 125 129

Feb 2

Review Ch 5
Ch 6 Lecture - Addressing the Network: IPv4

PT Pg 168 Pg 169
SG 151 - 158

Feb 4
Class #8

P Subnetting Class Activity

PT Pg 194 Pg 194

Feb 9
Class #9

Review Ch 6
Ch 7 - OSI Data Link Layer

PT Pg 213
SG 199 - 204

Feb 11
Class #10

Review Ch 7
Ch 8 - OSI Physical Layer

Catch up night for Quizzes and Labs
For next class SG 217 - 219

Feb 16
Class #11

n class Cable construction
Then Lab Pg 220

Each student must make a working cable before leaving class for the evening.

Feb 18
Class #12

Review Ch 8
Ch 9 - Ethernet

PT pg 249 pg 249
SG 231-240

Feb 23
Class #13

Review Ch 9
Ch 10 - Planning and Cabling Networks

SG 263-268
Router lab hands on TBA

Feb 25
Class #14

Review Ch 10
Ch 11 Configuring and Testing Your Network
Final Exam Review

In class
SG 297 - 301

Mar 2
Class #15