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CGS 2283 39545
Wide Area Network Fundamentals
Term : Fall 2005

Instructor's Name: Edwin A. Sloan, Jr.     
Telephone Number: (813)253-7410     
Email Address:
Office Hours (Day, Time, Location):  TBA
Class Schedule: Thursday  2 - 4:45pm

Course Description:
This course presents wide area network (WAN) technology theories, concepts, hardware, and media. Included arae point-to-point and shared multipoint, fram relay, DSL, ISDN, T-carrier, synchronous optical networks (SONET), ASYNCHRONOUS TRANSFER MODE (atm), HYBRID FIBER COAX (hfc), and distributed data interface technologies.
Course Objectives:
The main goal of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to design and implement Local  and Wide Area Networks. You will learn about the equipment and technologies used in LANs and WANs. This course walks you through the features and functions of these devices and under what circumstances each device can be implemented. You will learn cabling standards and appropriate design parameters for various types of media and topologies. This course introduces the student to wireless technologies as well as a variety of high-speed Internet access options. You will learn some of the challenges involved in creating a network design that meets the needs of the users of today's LANs and WANs. There are many hands-on projects and case projects that provide you with real experience in using some of the tools involved in network design and implementation.

Text Book and Materials:

     Required :Michael Palmer and Bruce Sinclair,  A Guide to Designing and Implementing Local and Wide Area Networks, Course Technology Incorporated, 2002, ISBN 0-619-12122-X

      Prerequisites:  CGS 1550 or CEN 1527

Grading System:

Course Grade
Announced examinations (2) Midterm and Final   
Attendance (14 meetings@5pts each)
Ch. Projects 6 @  30pts each
Final Project

Grading Scale:
A = 90 - 100%
B=  80 - 89%
C= 70 - 79%
D= 60 - 69%
F = < 60%

Request for Accomodation: If to participate in ythis course, you require an accomdation due to a physical disability or learning impairment, you must contact the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities.  It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor and request accomdation at the beginning of the course. Accomodation will not be made for existing impairments if written notice is not presented at the beginning of the course.

The office is located in the Student Service Building,Room 208, Dale MabryCampus, Telephone: voice (813)253-7031; TDD, (813) 253-7035; Fax, (813)253-7336.

Schedule of Classes: (14 meetings)

Lab Assignment
Aug 25
Course Intro
Final Project Discussion
Ch. 1 - LAN/WAN Networking: Overview
Sep 1
Ch. 1 Review & Discussion
Ch. 2 LAN/WAN Interconnectivity Lecture
Project 2-3 In Class
Project 2-6 For next week. Bring to class on disk.Plus, Classroom/HCC connectivity. Field Trip to IDF/MDF.
Sep 8
Ch. 2 Review, show projects
Ch. 3 - Physical Transmission Options lecture
Project 3-5 In class
Pick team and discuss team project
Sep 15
Ch. 3 Review & Discussion
Ch. 4 Network Transmission Equipment lecture
Switch & Router - Instructor Handout (in Cisco Lab)
Sep 22
Ch. 4 Review & Discussion
Switch & Router Lab continued if necessary
Ch. 5 LAN Protocols lecture
Sep 29
Ch. 5 Review & Discussion
Ch. 6 TCP/IP Past,Present, Future lecture
Projects  6-1, 6-2, 6-3,6-5, 6-7, 6-10, 6-11 All can be done outside of class
Oct 6
Ch. 6 Review and Discussion, Projects
Mid-Term Exam in class Ch.s 1 - 6
Oct 13
Ch. 7 - WAN Transport Methods lecture

Team work on Final presentation
Oct 20
Ch. 7 Review & Discussion
Ch. 8 ATM Technologies lecture
Oct 27
ATM Field Trip & Discussion
On campus
Nov 3
Ch. 8 Review and Discussion
Ch. 9 Wireless Technologies
WEP Access & Bluetooth Lab - Instructor Provided
Nov 10
Ch. 9 Review & Discussion
Ch.10 Integrating Voice, Video, and Data  lecture
Team work on Final presentation
Nov 17
Ch. 11 LAN/WAN Design: Putting it all together
Nov 24
No Class - Thanksgiving
Dec 1
Group Presentations in Class
Final review if needed
Dec 8
Final Exam - In class Ch.  7 - 11